M- Fest Car Show

WOW!  First time I have ever been to a fast & Furious car show and it was just like the movie.  Fast talk, fast cars, fast girls , fast loud hard music!  The cars, so extreme, for

photo of M-Fest Car Show

instance, a newer BMW M-5 v-10 500hp cost $110.000 stock . this one now has large twin turbos, complete redesign intake manifold from Germany.  The largest Brembo rotors I’ve ever seen, all the way round the car complete custom interior.  At least, another $100.000 inside the car,  just one car!  Times 50 more! Next month M-fest is putting on a show in Las Vegas and they are renting the race track so the club members can drag race, road race and of course; have a show car contest. They already have a 1000 rooms reserved at the Bellagio Hotel.  Nice!

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