BMW DRIVE for TEAM USA Event raises money for the Olympics

I attended the BMW DRIVE for TEAM USA event where I test drove the new BMW 328/4cyl. Turbo.

Event photo of registration for BMW DRIVE FOR TEAM USA event

Attendees were asked to test and compare the BMW 328 against, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi.  For every test drive, 10 dollars went towards the Olympics, and we got a free lunch!

So there I was; blasting down the road at 100 +miles an hour in each vehicle.  The Lexus felt like a Toyota Camry, good car but not in the same class as BMW.  The Mercedes Benz 4 cylinder had a lot of lag but was a very luxurious car.  Audi with its front wheel drive 2.0 turbo 4 cylinder was under powered and the front wheel steering pulled too much; I’m not a fan of front wheel drive cars.  All the cars had good quality and were well matched; but the BMW Turbo 4 cylinder won hands down.

Photo of BMW 328 Turbo taken by Ed Asencio

BMW had smooth turbo pooling no lag, good brakes excellent handling, for the women hands free rear trunk opening, and a new feature called “echo mode” when you come to a stop the motor stops running, it restarts when you take a foot of the break which saves a lot on gas; with the 8 speed transmission you able to get 42 miles to the gallon.  All of that and it still has lots of power and torque.  Wow!  All around Great car, and fun event!  Good luck to our Olympic Team and thanks BMW North America!

Ed Asencio


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