Pillars of The Community, Foundation of a Great Nation!

We love our country; the Best Nation in the World, USA.

We remind ourselves as often as possible; why we enjoy so much freedom here in the United States.  Naturally we think of our great Military and all the sacrifices they and their family’s make when going to fight for freedom.  So whenever success plays a role in your area of business, remember to give back to the community through charities and fund raisers.  Remember that every small, medium and large businesses that are successful should lead by example and become Pillars of the Community.   These Pillars across the country add the overall strength to the Foundation of this Great Nation!

Ed’s Independent BMW Service has been a great addition of medium sized businesses in Covina.  Ed’s history of growing up in Covina and his continuous efforts to work with local businesses are just a small measure of his sense of community.  Ed’s Independent BMW Service is also involved in many charitable organizations, both locally, here in the US and in other countries.

Check out Ed’s affiliations and see why this is one great Pillar of the Community!