What’s That Sound?

You jump in your car, running a little late again; put the key in and your sweet ride starts up like always.  Except this time and maybe the last couple of times, it made a funny noise when it started.  It made you wonder, what’s that sound; but the radio kicked on and the air conditioning and before you had a chance to think about it twice, you’re off and running.  Besides, if it starts it’s working, right?  Yes it’s working for now, and also trying to tell you something, so listen close.  Take notice of that sound, when it happens, or what time of day, etc. because it’s not going away and your mechanic will want to know the details.  Ultimately, your repair shop will need to hear it for themselves to begin their assessment, so a little extra information from you will be very helpful.  But the most important lesson here is DON’T WAIT!

Technician at Ed's BMW Service

Tick tick tick sound…

That little sound might cost a little now, but sometimes the louder it gets the more expensive the repair. So if your sweet baby is a BMW and its making a funny noise, bring it on in and we’ll make it purr again.