Info Gallery

    Ed’s E30, one of the “project” cars, very fast.             This is the Lounge at Ed’s BMW Service.  We want you to be comfortable while you wait, you can watch a movie, have some popcorn, or practice your putting. Relax while we take care of you and your […]

Change of Season

The Latest Tech Tip for BMW owners. This summer could be a hot one, make sure your car is prepared to run cool with these few tips: Make sure the coolant system is leak free, radiator is unobstructed and the water pump belt is nice and tight.  Make sure your coolant is properly mixed and […]

Real Testimonies from Real Customers…

With so many web-sites boasting great compliments from customers; it starts to sound very generic, and when so many web-sites are made from  pre-packaged templates that have testimonies built in, it hard to tell the real testimonies from the not so real… At Ed’s Independent BMW Service all our testimonies are from the customer, with […]

Bimmerfest 2012

Update from Bimmerfest: some great shots of some spectacular cars! What a Ride! This years Bimmerfest was really big, and what a ride it was!  With 2700 cars to see, BMW enthusiasts came from all over the United States, some drove thousands of miles; all to see this six hour event!  And to think I […]

What’s That Sound?

You jump in your car, running a little late again; put the key in and your sweet ride starts up like always.  Except this time and maybe the last couple of times, it made a funny noise when it started.  It made you wonder, what’s that sound; but the radio kicked on and the air […]

Pillars of The Community, Foundation of a Great Nation!

We love our country; the Best Nation in the World, USA. We remind ourselves as often as possible; why we enjoy so much freedom here in the United States.  Naturally we think of our great Military and all the sacrifices they and their family’s make when going to fight for freedom.  So whenever success plays […]

BMW DRIVE for TEAM USA Event raises money for the Olympics

I attended the BMW DRIVE for TEAM USA event where I test drove the new BMW 328/4cyl. Turbo. Attendees were asked to test and compare the BMW 328 against, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi.  For every test drive, 10 dollars went towards the Olympics, and we got a free lunch! So there I was; blasting down […]

M- Fest Car Show

WOW!  First time I have ever been to a fast & Furious car show and it was just like the movie.  Fast talk, fast cars, fast girls , fast loud hard music!  The cars, so extreme, for instance, a newer BMW M-5 v-10 500hp cost $110.000 stock . this one now has large twin turbos, […]